Battlefield 1 Internal Hack

You’ll get following features with this hack:

  • Crosshair
  • Full NoRecoil
  • NoBreath
  • Radar

ESP Features:
-Use NUMPAD0 to show/hide the menu.
-Enable/disable ESP
-ESP Distance: Render the distance you want.
-Show Friends: Enable this when you want to see your friends or teammates.
-Show Bones: Enable this if you want to see the player bones.
-Show Names: Enable this if you want to see the players names.
-Show HP: Enable or disable to show the HP bar.
-Show Distance: Enable or disable to show the distance to the enemy.
-Show FOV Circle: If you have the aimbot enabled and the enemy is inside of your circle the aimbot will aim to him.

Aimbot Features:
-Enable/disable Aimbot (Right Mouse button and Left Alt to use aimbot)
-Prioritize distance: Enabling this will make you aim depending in 2 things: the fov and the distance you are from the enemy. (IT’S BETTER TO ENABLE THIS)
-Max Distance: Choose a max distance where the aimbot will work.
-FOV: Max aimbot FOV to aim better.
-Smooth Factor: Recommended to keep this a bit low, less than 0.1.
-Retarget Time: Time the aimbot will pause to change between targets.
-Bones: Choose one of 3 bones available now to aim.
-Random Bones: Watch out with this. Use this only when your smooth factor is very low because the aimbot will aim randomly to each random bone so if you have a high smooth factor it’ll snap fast to each bone.

Misc Features:
-No Sway/Recoil (can be risky)
-Instant Hit (can be risky)

Anti-Cheat Features:
-DX11 Screen Cleaner (Just in case although PB is disabled in this game)
-BitBlt Screen Cleaner (For FF)

To open the menu press “END” button which is under the “HOME” one.
Press F8 to close the hack.

Known Issues:
-I’d like to get a feedback of this hack because I want to improve the aimbot a lot more.
-Sometimes randomly the map changes the color due to some problems saving the DX buffer I guess.
-Don’t rage if you don’t want to get banned. Play normally with cheats.


-When you inject the hack you should press the key “END” to enable the hack.
-Game should be fullscreen windowed (BORDERLESS).
-Download Redistributable x64 2015 in windows official site.

all credits goes to Tonyx97

link to injector

How to run : first download the injector from above link and .dll from attachment

1- First run the game.
2- In Main Menu Run injector as administrator And inject the dll
3- Enter a game
4- Wait at Spawn
5- After Spawn press End for hack menu !!!

Download the required files from given link below

Download Link:  BF1_Internal (release)(FIX)

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