CSGO No Recoil Hack

1. Install AutoHotKey: https://ahkscript.org
2. Extract The .AHK File to your desktop or anywhere
3. Open CSGO
4. Run The .AHK File
5. Go into game
6. Use the controls below!


Bunnyhop – F1 toggle (hold space to bunny hop)
Rapid fire – F2 toggle (hold middle mouse to rapid fire)
Perfect 180 turnaround – F3 toggle (press T to do 180°)
AK-47 norecoil – default F4
M4A1-S norecoil – default F6
M4A4 norecoil – default F7
Famas norecoil – default F8
Galil norecoil – default F9
UMP-45 norecoil – default F12
AUG norecoil – default Home
SG 553 norecoil – default End
AUG and SG 553 zoom modifier – default Left Alt (hold when scoped in with aug or sg 553)
Disable norecoil – default F11
Panic button – F10 (terminates autohotkey)
Set weapon you are using by pressing its F(number) button and then just hold left mouse button and you will start compensating

All credit goes to: VISLOOM28vi

Required Files

Download Link:  visloom28vis AHK script hack for csgo_mpgh.net.zip

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