Deathloop Game

Deathloop is frickin’ incredible.

Sorry. Is that not a fancy enough intro? A little blunt? It’s just that the longer we’re sat here writing a review about Deathloop, the less time we’re spending actually playing it, and all we want to do right now is play it. Forever. Ad infinitum. You know… like the very premise of Deathloop itself.

Anyone who’s spent time creeping across Dunwall’s roof tiles in Dishonored will likely already know that Arkane Studios – the same team behind Deathloop – are not your typical game designers. In fact, both Dishonored games are so bloody good, it was difficult to imagine how Deathloop could have improved on the team’s delicious formula of meaty combat, ingenious puzzles, and weightless exploration.

Turns out Deathloop exceeds it in almost every single way, offering up a wondrously accessible adventure that’s easy to pick up but almost impossible to stop playing. It’s not just one of the best games of the year thus far, it’s very possibly one of the best games ever made – full-stop. Yes, really.

Deathloop takes you to Blackreef, a secret isle shivering in the North Atlantic somewhere. Its inhabitants loll about the island’s four distinct areas – The Complex, Karl’s Bay, Fristad Rock, and the urban sprawl of Updaam – safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens to them, the usual rules don’t apply. Yes, they may die – there’s poisonous gas and icy waters and ballistic turrents and an eye-watering assortment of weapons strewn around – but even if they’re headshotted by a stray bullet, Reefers will wake up the following morning, refreshed and with no memory of their unfortunate demise… hence the “loop” bit of the name.

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