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Hide private photos in this Photo Vault App. Gallery Pro provide secret, safe and secure place to capture and store photos & videos. Protect and hide photos in Gallery Pro – Photo Vault app. Keep private photos and videos password protected. Make photo albums to keep your photos organised.
iOS native photos hiding techniques are not password protected. Therefore, using native hidden option is more risky. Every iPhone and iPad user know that there is hidden folder in photos app which they can click at any moment. Gallery Pro – Photos Vault make it little easier to hide your secret photos.
Gallery Pro also has a decoy feature, so if someone poking around and wants to see what photos you’re hiding, use fake password to secure your hidden photo albums. Eventually, your private images will stay private. In other words, use decoy password to full secure your explicit photos.
To conclude, Gallery pro is designed to keep photos private, with Gallery pro your privacy is well protected.



How to use:

  1. Open Gallery Pro App
  2. Set Password and set Decoy Password
  3. Create a Hidden Folder
  4. Import Images from photos
  5. Close and re-open application
  6. Enter Decoy Password (you can’t see private photos)
  7. Enter main Password (you can see private photos)

Gallery Pro – Photo Vault App Features:

  • Photo Locker
  • Photo Vault for Gallery Lock
  • Hide Photos
  • Create Folder Albums
  • Export and Share Photos
  • Private Camera for extra privacy
  • Capture Photos while making video
  • Keep photos in beautiful collection
  • Move and Copy Photos among folders

Download Gallery Pro – Photo Vault from AppStore

Gallery Pro – Photos vault is available on app store. Download Gallery Pro and give your valuable feedback about your experience.


For full privacy and security, Gallery Pro – Photo Vault does-not keep your photos and videos. All data is store in internal storage of your device. If you delete the Gallery Pro – Photo Vault App, your photos and videos will also be deleted. So, make sure that you have export your photos and videos from the app before deleting it.

Gallery Pro - Photo Vault

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