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The new PC games of 2020

Stay informed this year with our comprehensive list of every new 2020 game to watch out for.

Death Stranding – Sam and Fragile

2020 has been a sporadic year for upcoming PC games. Several games have been delayed due to COVID-19.

But delays from the pandemic seems to be slowly calming down. It’s also the year new consoles arrive, which means some of the year’s biggest games still don’t have release dates as Sony and Microsoft drip feed new announcements. We’re keeping this list up-to-date with the new games of 2020 as dates fluctuate, so you can keep track of what you’ll actually be able to play every month.

New game highlights

Here are some of our personal picks from July’s release. Schedule followed by a full list of every game you’ll want to keep an eye on this month.

Death stranding

Death Stranding on PC is a great version of a very weird game | PC Gamer

Hideo Kojima’s first game since unshackling himself from Konami and buddying up with Sony. Shockingly we get a PC release only half a year. So after the PS4 debut if estimates are to be believed. Reconnect a post-apocalyptic America by delivering packages and establishing network links. As you can imagine, that’s the simplest description of a Kojima game we can write without getting into dissertation territory.


Trackmania’s unique brand of high-speed multiplayer time trials hasn’t seen a new release since 2016’s Trackmania Turbo, but this new reboot(?) seems like a true return to form: multiplayer-focused, player-ran servers, and a new robust track editor.

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