Mikes GTA V Cheat Engine Table

There are a bunch of potential Function which you can easily realize with Cheat Engine which were missed from the old Tables.
But since the World Address Pattern never changed you can easily Merge your Tables with it.

It’s also a good Base to write your own Trainers

You need Cheat Engine for it of course and to choose the Process GTA V before you can initialize the Pattern Scan Script
– Teleport to Waypoint (Press F6 or Toggle it)
– Bullet Proof (Lock your Health)
– Toggle Godmode
– Lock your Armor
– Set No Ragdoll to true
– Set Seatbelt to true
– change Swim Speed
– change Sprint Speed
– Lock Stamina [go never over 100.f]
– change Damage Multiplier
– change Melee Damage Multiplier
– change Vehicle Damage Multiplier
– Lock / change Wanted Level
– change Spread
– change Recoil
– change Weapon Damage
– change / Lock Weapon Ammo
– Lock Vehicle Engine Health
– change Vehicle Gravity
– Toggle Vehicle Godmode
– Lock [Ruiner] Rockets
– Lock [Voltic] Boost


Download the required files from the link given below

Download Link:  Mikes GTAV Table_mpgh.net.zip

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