Play High End games on Low End PC

Want to play upcoming games, that require a thousand dollar gaming setup but you have a 10 year old PC of your father’s. You don’t have to worry much about it now. There are few hacks and tweaks you can do with optimization and games files that will make your gameplay playable. Do not expect a great improvement like you’ve got a GTX 1080, but it will make things much better.

Method 1:

You may heard of this patch called Ragnos1997 if you are having a low end pc and wish to play games with higher graphics.

With that patch you can many of the latest games without any kind of lag and there will be no hurdle in playing, it will be smooth and you’ll play them without any graphics card installed on your PC.

Here is the link to website (free to download):

RagnoTech Software Solutions – “Let your system breathe, and …

RagnoTech Software Solutions

This software work by doing some kind of optimization work with the games.

I hope it helps.

Method 2:

There are some YouTube channels and other hacks that do some little shenanigans and make your gameplay a little bit better. But they don’t make a bigger difference than Ragnos1997.

But you can still visit these links to try some of them out on your PC.

Link 1…

Link 2…

Link 3…

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