RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2: NPCs and meticulous details

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 is keep surprising its community ever since it is released. Its insane details, organic activities, AI, characters especially protagonist ARTHUR MORGAN and last but not least its NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS(NPCs), to whom you can interact, everyone of them. Surely these are lofty goals, but it is ROCKSTAR GAMES we are talking about. They are the only developer that can do work like this.

ROCKSTAR has emphasized on game’s Non-player characters and details. From sources a while back, currently 1,000 developers working on RDR2 with 8 years of development time stamp. In RDR2 you can interact with any NPC. Developers want players to believe that Van Der Linde Gang is real. Its meticulous world and little behaviours that suggest its NPCs are real person with genuine reactions. NPCs acts at the same level of human emotions and reactions that seem to be real lives. NPCs exist in the orbit of the player and for the player. The game’s details are meant to evoke wonder, and these NPC interactions meant to suggest a bigger world full of secrets and adventures.

Every single NPC has their own unique conversations that will activate when Arthur, your protagonist, walks by them. This includes compliments, taking the mick out of your gang members looks, and letting you know that you smell. As said, they’ll also remember each conversation and every crime you’ve committed.

RDR2 has been released only on PS4 and XBOX ONE until now. Its PC released is expected somewhere near in Q4 of 2019.

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