Ads, Mediation and InApps, Leaderboards Integration

We specialize in optimizing monetization strategies for mobile games, offering expert integration of AdMob, Chartboost, MoPub, Unity Ads, and ironSource. Maximize revenue potential and enhance user engagement with our tailored services. Discover how we can boost your mobile game’s success.

AdMob Integration and Optimization

AdMob stands as Google’s flagship advertising platform for mobile apps and games, providing:

  • Ad Network IntegrationSeamlessly integrate AdMob to access Google’s extensive ad network.
  • Ad Format CustomizationStrategically place and customize ad formats like banners, interstitials, rewarded videos, and native ads.
  • Mediation SetupOptimize ad revenue with mediation, managing multiple ad networks to maximize fill rates and eCPMs.
  • In-App PurchasesFacilitate direct transactions within your game to diversify revenue streams.
  • Leaderboards IntegrationImplement leaderboards to foster competition and enhance user engagement.

Chartboost Monetization Solutions

Chartboost specializes in tailored solutions for mobile game monetization, offering:

  • Interstitial and Rewarded Video AdsEngage players with non-intrusive ad formats during natural breaks and rewarded actions.
  • Mediation IntegrationIntegrate with other ad networks to increase competition for ad placements.
  • In-App PurchasesEnable seamless transactions to monetize user interactions beyond ad revenue.
  • LeaderboardsImplement leaderboards to drive social interaction and enhance player retention.

MoPub Ad Mediation Expertise

MoPub provides flexible ad mediation and optimization services, including:

  • Unified Ad ManagementManage multiple ad networks through a single platform, optimizing ad fill and revenue.
  • Custom Ad FormatsCustomize ad placements to align with your game’s design and user experience goals.
  • In-App PurchasesSupport direct transactions within the game environment for additional revenue streams.
  • Leaderboards IntegrationEnhance gameplay dynamics with leaderboards to showcase player achievements.

Unity Ads Integration for Unity Games

Unity Ads offers seamless integration within Unity-developed games, featuring:

  • Native IntegrationBuilt-in compatibility within the Unity development environment for streamlined setup.
  • Rewarded Video AdsIncrease user engagement with rewarded video ads, enhancing retention rates.
  • Mediation SolutionsOptimize ad placements through Unity’s mediation platform, maximizing revenue potential.
  • In-App PurchasesEnable direct purchases within the game to complement ad revenue strategies.
  • LeaderboardsIntegrate leaderboards to stimulate competitive gameplay and community interaction.

ironSource Monetization Suite

ironSource provides a comprehensive suite of monetization tools, including:

  • Advanced MediationUtilize real-time bidding and waterfall management to optimize ad inventory monetization.
  • Diverse Ad FormatsOffer a variety of ad formats such as interstitials, rewarded videos, and playable ads for enhanced user engagement.
  • In-App PurchasesFacilitate seamless transactions within the game to monetize user interactions.
  • Leaderboards Integration: Implement leaderboards to drive player engagement and foster a competitive environment.

Why Choose 786Games?

  • Expertise and Experience: Benefit from our deep understanding of mobile game monetization platforms and strategies.
  • CustomizationTailor our services to align with your game’s unique design, audience, and monetization goals.
  • Optimization and AnalyticsUtilize data-driven insights to continuously optimize ad placements and maximize revenue.
  • Compliance and User ExperienceEnsure ad placements comply with industry standards and enhance the overall user experience.

Unlock the full revenue potential of your mobile game with our specialized monetization services. Contact us at 786Games today to discuss your project requirements and embark on a journey to maximize your game’s monetization opportunities. Let’s elevate your game to new heights together!