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Apple App Store Publishing Services

Welcome! As an App Store publishing expert with over 8 years of experience, I specialize in getting your apps and games published on the Apple App Store swiftly and effectively. I am well-versed in Apple’s policies and best practices, ensuring compliance and maximizing approval chances.

I handle various platforms, focusing primarily on Unity games, Flutter apps, and iOS native applications. To initiate the publishing process, you’ll need an Apple Developer Account and your project files ready.

While not mandatory, having the following can expedite the process: screenshots tailored for different iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), a compelling title, description, and relevant keywords for App Store Optimization (ASO), as well as a website and privacy policy link.

If you lack an Apple Developer Account, I can review your app or game first to assess its adherence to guidelines. If it meets requirements, we can proceed with a fee of $150 for setup; otherwise, I cannot assist with this aspect.

Rest assured, I ensure a high acceptance rate, but final approval lies with Apple’s review team. Whether you need to publish, update, or upload your app or game, I provide comprehensive services to navigate the App Store submission process smoothly. Contact me today to get started on bringing your iOS projects to a global audience!


Fully Professional Services

App Type





Power apps, Xamarin, Flutterflow, Adalo, Unity, AppGyver, Xcode


Flutter, Ionic, PhoneGap, NativeScript, Angular, SwiftUI, Node.js


Cross-browser/Device compatibility, Security, Ads & monetization, Data storage, Firebase, Release management, API integration, Compatibility

Programming language

TypeScript, React Native, JavaScript, HTML, Dart, Objective-C, Swift


Chat, Social networking, Entertainment, Health & fitness, Kids, Education, Productivity tools, E-Commerce, Gaming, Sports

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Upload .ipa of Your App to AppStore
Upload to app store
App Icon
Include source code
Revisions - 3
Delivery Time - 30 days


Publish App or Game to AppStore
Upload to app store
App Icon
Include source code
Revisions - 5
Delivery Time - 14 days


Publish to AppStore Premium
Upload to app store
App Icon
Include source code
Revisions - Unlimited
Delivery Time - 2 days
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